Small Business Leadership


Go from Do-Everything-Entrepreneur to Chief Executive Owner

The kind of fearlessness you need as a business leader is not an attitude, it’s an inner orientation.  Simply put – evolving your business has everything to do with discovering aspects of yourself that are outside of your awareness today.

This process takes courage, and the right leadership training to develop the skills you need to lead.

Attending a leadership workshop is a powerful first step. You’ll distance yourself from your business and today’s problems, and get back to the passion you had when you started or renew your vision for the next phase. By the end of the day you’ll start seeing a new version of your business emerge – a way of doing business that’s based on your values, one that serves your life in a whole new way. If you could re-imagine your business, bring forward your entrepreneurial spark into a new version of your business – what would it look like?   

We’ll help you find out, and show you how to build a Culture of Ownership that will engage and inspire your people.


About the Leadership Workshop

The leadership workshop is about re-imagining the relationships you have with your employees, your customers, and most importantly, yourself.  

The session combines individual and group work, facilitator-led discussions, and experiential exercises.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Explore your Values, Passion and Purpose and discover how they are the keys to becoming a stronger leader and developing your business.
  • Clarify or create your Company Values document.
  • Understand the Four Roles of leadership: CEO, CBO, CFO and COO.
  • Create your Brand Commitment statement.
  • Literally re-imagine your business, and walk away with a written three-year vision that will inspire you and your people.
  • Establish a new benchmark for your business – a Culture of Ownership that balances individual passion and systematized excellence and helps you let go and lead your business to the next level.
  • Identify one of your greatest leadership challenges and learn to reframe and transform it from a weakness to strength.

Essentials of Small Business Management 

Creating a Culture That Manages Itself

Part of becoming a more effective manager is questioning your assumptions about what you think management is all about. The prevailing - and still traditional viewpoint - relies on a misguided philosophy of using carrots and/or sticks to get employees to engage, perform and care as much as owners and shareholders.  

That approach doesn’t work.  At least not for the long term.  

The current research on employee engagement and performance tells us that today people are choosing meaning over money.  Personal passion is linked directly to performance and accountability. That’s how you get employees who act like “owners” versus “renters.”

So how do modern managers need to respond to these shifting values and attitudes?   

We can show you.

At this workshop you will learn how managers work on the business from the inside out and create the conditions for people to thrive and produce great results.

You will see how to develop the “people systems” first to create a culture of ownership, supported by a dynamic and fully-realized management system.

This management workshop is about re-imagining the relationships you have with your employees, and yourself most importantly as a manager.  

About the Management Workshop

The session combines individual and group work, facilitator-led discussions, and experiential exercises. To get the most out of this workshop you need to have created (or bring with you) your company’s core leadership documents – Company Values and Three-Year Vision. 


  • Discover how to build a Culture of Ownership.

  • Clarify your organizational strategy and create a current and future organizational chart that provides a roadmap to your achieving your company’s three-year vision.

  • Discover that job descriptions are useless and what you need are Position Agreements. These documents shift people from relating to their work in terms of tasks and responsibilities to results and accountabilities.

  • Learn to craft powerful results statement and design your company’s Position Agreement template.

  • Learn the powerful management skill – systemic thinking – and a teachable process that will enable everybody in your company to work on developing your business by transforming frustrations into solutions.